Practice Analysis Assistance

We have the best analyst team to find out what are gaps that can be filled up. Know payment by insurance by each CPT code so we come know where to focus before it gets late.

Here are major list of Reports that we provide to our clients.


Practice Analysis

A detailed report of existing client so get them know what is going on. Report gives complete analysis about practice current situation. No. of claims billed , No. Of claims on hold, Insurance Payment , Payment Gaps, Denial Reasons and many more.



Billing DMR

This report contains the analysis of claims that was submitted to insurance have details information. This contains a complete dynamic dashboard to review monthly claim billed by insurance , by provider, by date , by month and by year.


        AR DMR

The report contains the information about the claims that insurance has rejected or denied. Our team calls to every insurance for every claim untill we do not get maximum reimbursement for this claim. The report contains deep analysis and comments from insurance


       Eligibility Report

Eligibility report contains the information about the eligibility and status for each status. The report dashbaord contains the clear graphical information of eligible, inactive insurance or any other issues are related to eligibilities.


 Credentialing Status


 Audit Report