Our Audit procedure is very fair and transparent. Key area of focus includes information gaps, credentialing, provider enrollment and coding and payers guidelines compliance.

We cover the following areas in Audit


Fee Schedule:

Are the insurance companies paying you what you actually deserve and whether you are billing them the right amount or no?



Billing and Coding Discrepancies:

Is your billing company doing an outstanding job? Are they familiar with the coding changes and regulations, denied claims percentage etc.?



Financial Bleeding:

How much money have you lost already and losing currently because of the billing errors on a monthly basis?



Accounts Receivable:

How much is your AR for a particular month and your average time frame to get the payments?



Identification of Weak Areas: 

Any errors, weak links, improvement areas due to which you are losing money.



Compiling Audit Results: 

A detailed Audit report with evidences and numbers.



Strategy Moving Forward: 

Suggestions on how to overcome the flaws and weaknesses identified during the Audit process and what should be the strategy moving forward.