Medical Practice Credentialing Assistance

We provide complete credentialing services for physicians and medical practices with insurance carriers and networks of your choice. We will work with you to determine which carriers meet your practice specifications.

Credentialing Services

Provider/Payor Enrollment


CAQH profile


Network management


Fee Schedule Review and Negotiations


Delegated Credentialing

Keep all your credentialing information in one place.

Years of experience to navigate through the process of Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment,                          Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment, and other healthcare provider credentialing needs.

Status reports keep you up to date on the progress of your credentialing

You and your medical office staff can focus on more important patient matters than dealing with                                 enrollment  paperwork

Joint Commission Credentialing Package (All Current Licenses, All Current DEA or CDS, Registration, NPDB ,         SAM, Board Certification if applicable, etc.)

Application collection services

Application completion

Data entry of paper applications

Ongoing monitoring services

Criminal background checks

Application mailing service