Charge Entry

Medico cares realizes that Charge Entry is an important step in controlling revenue. Many of our clients wish to maintain control of this process by having their staff enter patient’s demographic information and post each day’s charges. However, if you prefer, we will customize your service with us to include these tasks.

Either way, rest assured that when you choose Medico Cares as your practice’s billing vendor, our medical billing process would seamlessly integrate your charge entry procedures.

We follow a well-structured charge entry process. The detailed steps followed through the process ensure that relevant checks are placed at each processing stage. This enables us to manage a zero-error process and provide our services to you with speed and efficiency.

Our Billing Resources team has substantial experience and understanding of the US health care industry, and offers expert skills in facilitating investigations and enabling quality decision-making.

Receipt of Files -EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) and cheques are received from the client in a scanned format through                   our secure FTP site.

File Download and Allocation– Our Medical Billing team downloads the files received via the FTP site,                           reviews the material received and allocates processing work to the Payment Posting team.

Entry of Patient Demographics -The Payment Posting team captures a series of demographic data, which                  includes patient reference and billing system particulars such as patient account number, amount                                allowed, amount billed, amount adjusted and amount paid. Along with these, denial related details are                         also entered into the billing system.

EOB Follow Up – In cases where partial payments are made, necessary investigation and analysis is initiated,              after which corrective steps are taken.

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Client Feedback – We evaluate the feedback shared by the client on data quality and make the necessary                    improvements and data quality refinements. This ensures the delivery of accurate and quality medical                        billing services.