Medico Cares

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Our Audit procedure is very fair and transparent. Key area of focus includes information gaps, credentialing ...

Charge Entry

Medico cares realizes that Charge Entry is an important step in controlling revenue. Many of our clients wish to maintain ...

Payment Posting

When posting payments in a practice management system the need for accuracy is essential. Inaccurate postings...

Patient Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is one of the most important administrative responsibilities performed in the medical office as people ...

Account Receivable Management

We have the best analyst team to find out what are gaps that can be filled up. Know ...


Security of patient health information and its privacy is a top priority for patients and their families, health care providers and ...


We have the best analyst team to find out what are gaps that can be filled up. Know payment by insurance by each ...

Revenue Cycle Management

Medico Cares streamline workflows, optimize operations, and maximize reimbursements by providing, flexible, easy-to-use functionalities.

Why US ?

Working with Medico Cares enables you to stop leaking potential revenue, and starts generating the money
you should from your practice. Our Medical Billing Services lead you to the Maximize Profitability and Minimize the Errors.


  1. Patient Demographics entry
  2. Insurance Verification
  3. Coding
  4. Charge Entry
  5. Filing of Claims
  6. Payment Posting
  7. Secondary Claim Filing
  8. Patient Statement Cycling
  9. Denial Management
  10. A/R Follow-Up

We eliminate revenue leakages by streamlining your entire workflow; from eligibility, to check in, co pay collection 
and the entire back office – helping you optimize revenue collection. We guarantee:

  • 5% – 10% increase in collections in the first few months
  • 96% of claims getting paid on first submission
  • Significant reductions in A/R days and denials
  • Timely patient statement dispatch
  • Visibility and transparency of every dollar you earn
  • Zero ICD-10 disruption
  • 20%  Revenue Increase In The 1st Year
  • 30%  Improved Collections
  • 50%  Reduction In Days In Accounts Receivable
  • 98% First-Pass Clean Claims Submission
  • To ensure a smooth transition to offshoring, with the least amount of disruption
  • To bring down the error rate from 4% to 2%
  • To maintain productivity levels after outsourcing
  • To train our team to be on par with the existing medical billing team
  • To train our team on using software and methodology used by the customer