Account Receivable Management

•At Medico Cares we can follow-up your pending claims, initiate collections, trace the reasons for claims denials, track outstanding receivable balances by customer and by the date when payment is due and also provide periodic reports.

•Outsourcing health care accounts receivable services Medico Cares will ensure an increase in cash flow and a reduction in the number of days in receivable.
•We can ensure better operations through an increase in efficiency, proper guidance and training to the concerned health care personnel and statistical dimensions that can help monitor your progress.
•We offer accounts receivable recovery services wherein Medico Cares​ skilled staff will identify billing operation problems that result in nonpayment or incorrect payment of claims and resolve the situations.
•We can research outstanding accounts receivable balances to distinguish collectible and non collectible amounts.
•The coinsurance or deductible amounts to the appropriate payers are identified and billed.
• Medico Cares​ provides routine reports to customers, detailing collection progress, including payments and recommending adjustments.