Patient Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is one of the most important administrative responsibilities performed in the medical office as people in general show very little tolerance while waiting in a medical office. Lifestyles have changed and people have busy lives, many have to take personal time away from work to go to the medical office and they feel that their time is as valuable as the physician’s time.



To bestow a splendid and matchless customer service to the patient which involves meeting and surpassing expectations of the practice. An environment where no appointment is skipped, where you get more business which increases the practice’s revenue by enhancing the best patient customer experience by multiple fold.


  Highly methodical team for customer service

    Coherent patient scheduling

        Reduction in no shows by confirming the appointments with texts and emails

     Answering basic medical billing queries

     Reducing patient wait times by smart scheduling

       Commitment to hike up practice’s revenue by bringing in more patients


        Focus on provider’s comfort and patient satisfaction

     Patient recall system to ensure patient return to keep your schedule consistently full